Turn Your Dinner into a Gourmet Meal

Seasoning Blends

Carl’s Gourmet Products has been the San Francisco favorite since 1967. Carl’s is featured in many fine food stores. Only the finest and freshest spices are used in our blends. We offer all natural seasonings for your meats, seafood, soups, vegetables and salads. We have the finest blends of sausage seasonings, meat loaf mix, chorizo mix, and many others.

Carl’s also offers curing salts and casings with the perfect bite. From the home user to the commercial stuffers, we have the product that will suit your needs. Carl’s is known for its Prime Rib & Roast seasoning and many BBQ recipes. From our Ol’ Western BBQ spice to our Lemon Garlic seasoning, we have the flavors to turn your dinner into a gourmet meal.

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Ol’ Western BBQ


Lemon Garlic

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Sausage Seasoning Blends

BBQ Spice Seasoning Blends

Meatloaf Seasoning

Bulk Spices

Bulk Spices PRICE
Allspice, Whole SPICE72 $6.07 LB
Allspice, Ground SPICE1 $4.85 LB
Anise Seed, Ground SPICE2 $5.96 LB
Anise Seed, Whole SPICE3 $5.58 LB
Basil, Ground SPICE73 $4.49 LB
Basil, Crushed SPICE4 $3.43 LB
Bay Leaf, Ground SPICE6 $3.62 LB
Black Pepper , Whole SPICE11 $8.06 LB
Black Pepper, 28 Mesh SPICE10A $4.45 LB
Black Pepper, Medium Coarse SPICE10 $4.35 LB
Black Pepper, Cracked SPICE8 $8.15 LB
Black Pepper, Ground SPICE9 $4.87 LB
Caraway Seed, Ground SPICE12 $3.57 LB
Caraway Seed, Whole SPICE13 $4.62 LB
Cardamom, Ground SPICE14 $12.40 LB
Cayene Pepper X-Hot SPICE15 $3.06 LB
CBS BBQ Seasoning ( No MSG) SPICE125 $4.70 LB
Celery Salt SPICE97 $1.23 LB
Celery Seed, Ground SPICE16 $2.70 LB
Celery Stalk, Dehydrated SPICE17 $9.50 LB
Celery Seed, Whole SPICE74 $2.33 LB
Chili Pepper, New Mexico SPICE18 $3.60 LB
Chili Powder SPICE19 $3.60 LB
Chilies ,Crushed SPICE20 $3.60 LB
Chipotle Chili Pepper, Flakes SPICE93 $10.50 LB
Chipotle Chili Pepper, Ground SPICE94 $7.28 LB
Cinamon, Ground SPICE21 $4.80 LB
Cloves, Ground SPICE23 $16.75 LB
Coriander, Whole SPICE75 $2.09 LB
Coriander, Ground SPICE24 $2.65 LB
Cracker Meal SPICE25 $1.27 LB
Cumin, Ground SPICE26 $4.35 LB
Cumin, Whole SPICE26A $4.09 LB
Curry Powder SPICE27 $4.00 LB
Dextrose, MonoHydrate SPICE123 $1.77 LB
Dill Seed, Whole SPICE76 $2.81 LB
Dill Weed SPICE28 $11.37 LB
Enriche Flour, Bleached SPICE118 $2.26 LB
Fennel Seed, Cracked SPICE29B $2.90 LB
Fennel Seed, Ground SPICE29A $2.90 LB
Fennel Seed, Whole SPICE29 $2.72 LB
Flax Seed, Whole SPICE92 $1.09 LB
Fresh Dried Tomato FDT $9.42 LB
Garlic ,Chopped SPICE31 $7.90 LB
Garlic Powder SPICE30 $4.15 LB
Garlic Salt SPICE71 $1.75 LB
Garlic,Granulated SPICE32 $4.35 LB
Ginger, Ground SPICE33 $5.34 LB
Green Bell Pepper, Dehydrated SPICE77 $6.85 LB
Italian Seasoning, Crushed SPICE34 $6.23 LB
Lavender Flowers SPICE90 $11.77 LB
Mace, Ground SPICE36 $25.80 LB
Marjoram , Ground SPICE37 $4.98 LB
Marjoram , Whole SPICE38 $3.74 LB
Mustard Powder SPICE39 $2.63 LB
Mustard Seed, Whole SPICE40 $1.90 LB
Nutmeg, Ground SPICE41 $19.37 LB
Onion , Chopped SPICE43 $4.35 LB
Onion , Granulated SPICE44 $3.95 LB
Onion ,Powder SPICE42 $3.90 LB
Onion Salt SPICE96 $1.45 LB
Oregano, Crushed SPICE45 $5.05 LB
Oregano, Ground SPICE46 $5.16 LB
Paprika SPICE47 $3.46 LB
Parsley Flakes SPICE49 $8.29 LB
Pickling Spice ,Whole SPICE50 $4.04 LB
Poultry Seasoning SPICE51 $5.33 LB
Red Bell Pepper,Dehydrated SPICE7 $8.55 LB
Rosemary , Cut SPICE78 $2.99 LB
Rosemary, Ground SPICE52 $3.05 LB
Rosemary, Whole SPICE53 $2.65 LB
Sage, Whole SPICE56 $5.53 LB
Sage,Ground SPICE54 $5.80 LB
Sage,Rubbed SPICE55 $5.90 LB
Savory, Cut SPICE79 $5.34 LB
Savory, Ground SPICE91 $5.53 LB
Sea Salt SPICE57B $0.42 LB
Sea Salt, Bakers (Fine) SPICE57C $0.42 LB
Seasoning Salt SPICE58 $2.00
Sesame Seed, Whole SPICE66 $2.44 LB
Soy Protein SPICE67 $6.16 LB
Spearmint Leaves SPICE120 $4.62 LB
Spinach Powder SPICE89 $4.80 LB
Sugar SPICE68 $0.93 LB
Tarragon, Whole SPICE61 $25.25 LB
Thyme, Ground (Moroccan) SPICE62 $3.57 LB
Thyme, Whole (Moroccan) SPICE63 $3.90 LB
Toasted Nutrisoy Grits -Soya Bits SPICE60 $1.96 LB
Tumeric SPICE98 $2.55 LB
White Pepper,Ground SPICE65 $5.95 LB


Please contact us so that our Sales Team can assist you in finding the right product and pricing to suit your needs.

2022WPC 20-22mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yards per hank 42-52 lbs of sausage) hank $37.25
2022PTC 20-22mm Pre-tubed Casing (100 yard per hank 42-52 lbs of sausage) hank $42.55
2224WPC 22-24mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 52-60 lbs of sausage) hank $38.95
2426WPC 24-26mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 60-65 lbs of sausage) hank $43.50
2830WPC 28-30mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 95-120 lbs of sausage) hank $44.50
3032WPC 30-32mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 105-130 lbs of sausage) hank $33.95
3032PTC 30-32mm Pre-tubed Casing (100 yard per hank 105-130 lbs of sausage) hank $35.50
3235WPC 32-35mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 115-140 lbs of sausage) hank $31.50
3235PTC 32-35mm Pre-tubed Casing (100 yard per hank 115-140 lbs of sausage) hank $31.75
3538WPC 35-38mm Wet Pack Casing (100 yard per hank 135-160 lbs of sausage) hank $25.25
MBR Medium Beef Rounds 40-43mm (100 feet per set 78-83 lbs of sausage) set $22.95
MBM Medium Beef Middles 55-60mm (60 feet per set 80-90 lbs of sausage) set $31.95
BBC Beef Bung Caps 4″-5″ (8-12 lbs of sausage each $8.50

Curing Products

Please contact us so that our Sales Team can assist you in finding the right product and pricing to suit your needs.

3# bag Cherry Cure 15100A each $9.00
12# Cherry Cure 4/3# Bags 15100 case of 4 $31.35
24# Cherry Cure 8/3# Bags 15101 case of 8 $56.50
12# California Ham Spice 15110 12# $30..00
24# California Ham Spice 15111 24# $55.00
2# Ready Mix 15145 2# $5.25
12#Ready Mix Curing Salt 15140 12# $19.75
45# Ready Mix Curing Salt 15142 45# $64.35
12# Westphalian Curing Salt 15300 12# $20.75
45# Westphalian Curing Salt 15310 45# $68.05
45# Pink Westphalian Curing Salt 15312 45# $68.05
125#Westphalian Curing Salt 15320 125# $163.50
Curade Seasoning Per Lb SPICE115 each $5.00
12# Curade 24/8oz Bags 15330 case of 24 $54.35
24# Curade 48/8oz Bags 15335 case of 48 $96.00
Citric Acid SPICE22 5# $25.04
Sodium Bicarbonate SPICE87 5# $8.15
Sodium Erythorbate SPICE59 5# $48.05